Pricing for developer outsourcing

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All languages that we work with

Medium-level developer

15 - 50€ / hour

Rate depends from technology and quality of people you hire. You will get the list of available developers for your project.

  • From 3 years experience
  • Fluent language with perfect grammar
Hire Junior

Senior developer

50 - 99€ / hour

Pro developer that have experience in outsourcing. Independent professional that push your IT team to the next level.

  • From 5 years experience
  • Fluent language with perfect grammar
  • Top talented developer
Hire Senior

Complex team for your project

Reliable and flexible partner for complex IT solutions. We will design, realize, integrate, unify and streamline. Project manager will take care about all the details of the project in person at your company and will keep you informed about the progress. We will smartly solve your needs. We secure! We gimmick up. We will increase your sales. Start with us!

What can we do?

  • Web presentations
  • Conversion e-shops
  • Mobile applications
  • Network management
  • Custom applications

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